Mentor Barber Shop And Style Salon has been in business since 1926. We serve Pasadena, San Marino, Altadena and other nearby locations.

Evita J Flores is the new owner of Mentor Barber Shop and Style Salon and has been managing the barbershop for over 3 years now. November of 2014 Evita took charge of the barbershop when the former owner Steve passed away last October of 2014.

Mentor Barber Shop and Style Salon is a reputable place where customers are guaranteed of a great service every time. Mentor Barber Shop & Style Salon is a one stop shop offering men’s, boys and women’s haircuts and we also do beard trimming. We have three (3) expert barbers namely Ruben, Martha, and Wing (with 30 years of experience). Our barbers have a passion for the art of barbering; whether or not you know what you want, we can help you achieve a quality look.

In this barbershop the minute you step in you are family. We give you our respect and friendship to everyone that walks threw
our barbershop. You deserve to just sit back, relax and receive first-in-class quality and service.

Mentor Barber Shop and Style Salon want’s to thank everyone that has helped make this business what it is today! We appreciate all of our loyal clientele, staff, and friends who came out to support us. Finally, we would like to thank our family, friends and staff who have supported us! Mentor Barber Shop and Style Salon wouldn’t be the same without everyone who helped us along the way.

We are open 7 days a week. No appointment necessary. Contact us at 626.795.6781






Barber Shop & Style Salon

Whether you reside in the city of Pasadena, San Marino or another nearby community, try the
services of Mentor Barber Shop and Style Salon. Along with having a great staff, we also provide
you with affordable rates. You will be so impressed with our beard trim techniques that you will
keep coming back for more.




“I recently moved and had to find a new barber closer to
where I live and I think I’ve found it! Steve has been
cutting hair for longer than I’ve been alive and it shows.
His attention to details and ability to work off very little
is astounding. I showed him a picture and give him a
brief description of what I wanted and it was executed
to perfection.

Not only that, but Steve is a really interesting cat. Get
him talking and you’ll learn a lot about him, as well
as some cool facts about the shop. He also seems to be a
bit of a local celebrity because every person that walked
by the door of his shop said hello.

This place is a full service barber, so whatever you want,
they’ve got it. Eucalyptus scalp rub, beard trimming,
shampoo, shave etc. I just stuck with the haircut and it
was perfect.

Last thing, the price is right. If you’re looking for quality
and service at a price that is extremely reasonable, this
is your place. ”







Monday - Saturday : 9 am to 6 pm

Sunday : 9 am to 3 pm only